Relax O Pedic Collection

The Campbell Mattress Company RELAX O PEDIC collection is our most popular line of innerspring mattresses.  The photo shows our New XL Support Mattress which is heavy duty and supports up to 650 pounds!  It is a two sided mattress for even better comfort and durabilty.  Each of these mattresses is handcrafted--none are mass produced by machines!  The top layers of these mattresses include Plush Comfort Foam, firming layers of Campbell Premier High Density Foams and natural Cotton Fiber Pad, and Campbell Luxury Quilt Foam. Our Foam is specifically engineered for support as well as maximal airflow to keep you cool and comfortable.  

The RELAX O PEDIC mattresses feature the highest quality innerspring units available.  Extensive engineering and testing has resulted in the VertiCoil innerspring system, which provides superior support with extra support to the edge of the bed.  The VertiCoil innerspring uses new Active Technology Support that has 21 percent more coils than the industry standard used by other major mattress manufacturers.  The VertiCoil springs react instantly to offer more body support throughout the surface of the mattress, plus extra support for your neck and shoulders, back and hips. You will notice the difference the VertiCoil units make for you to have a great night of supportive sleep.  

We also use Campbell’s Premium Lura-Flex innerspring for balanced and strong support right to the edge of the mattress so there is no border sagging and you won't have that roll off feeling!  This is one of the best spring systems available today, and usually found in much higher priced mattresses made by the large corporation bedding companies.  The coils also are engineered with Active Support Technology to flex independently and instantly for better responsive support and durability.  Campbell offers these units at a great value to you. 

All of our Campbell Foam is CertiPUR US certified against harmful products for your safety and to protect our environment.  We only use Greenguard certified construction materials in our mattresses!

Check this out from The Mattress Underground: "Avoid buying a mattress made by any of the major national brands such as Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Tempurpedic.  While they are not all "bad" mattresses and some may even be good quality, none of them have good value when compared to simalar mattresses made by small independent manufacturers.  NONE"