Diamond Collection


http://websites.retailcatalog.us/1387/mm/fusion.jpeghttp://websites.retailcatalog.us/1387/mm/diamond-collection-logo.jpgOur NEW DIAMOND COLLECTION mattresses feature Ultra High Coil counts, from over 900 pocketed coils up to a staggering 3670 pocketed coils per mattress! Your average mattress has 400-500 regular coils. The Diamond Mattress Collection Ultra High Coil counts provide extreme comfort and instant support.  Our UltraCoil Sleep System has a Steel Perimeter Support System that provides right to the edge support so you won't have that rolling off feeling.  Like to sleep cool?  There is no heat build up with our Diamond Mattresses, and testing shows they sleep 40% cooler than foam mattresses!  The UltraCoil Sleep System in our Diamond Mattresses responds instantly to give you support, and extra deep support for your neck and shoulders, back and hips.  Since all of the coils are specially designed and then individually fabric wrapped, there is no motion tranfer so you will sleep better each night even if your sleeping partner moves around!

GREAT NEWS-- Our Diamond Mattresses can be shipped directly to you in a small box! Check with your local Campbell Dealer for this shipping option.  See our videos showing our New, High Tech, mattress compression and rolling machine on our Campbell Mattress YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/3dl8cmPaDIs  We can compress, roll and ship our mattresses in a small box right to your front door via UPS! Independent lab tests simulating 10 years of use show our Diamond Mattresses are extremely durable, flexible and maintain their comfort.  We even had this lab test our rolled Diamond mattress after it was unrolled--and it was one of the best mattresses this lab tested in the last 10 years!

Check this out from The Mattress Underground: "Avoid buying a mattress made by any of the major national brands such as Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Tempurpedic.  While they are not all "bad" mattresses and some may even be good quality, none of them have good value when compared to simalar mattresses made by small independent manufacturers.  NONE"  http://www.themattressunderground.com/the-industry/manufacturers/local.html

These are some of the great comments we received about our new DIAMOND COLLECTION mattresses.

 “Unbelievable number of coils!”  Kevin G from St. Louis

"Feels better than my $2500 foam mattress!"  Mary L from Paducah, KY

“Great support, extremely comfortable.”  Mary B from Missouri

“Luxury bed at a non luxury price!”  Randy J from IL

Our NEW DIAMOND COLLECTION mattresses feature Ultra High Coil counts, from 900 pocketed coils up to a staggering 3670 pocketed coils per mattress!  Many people comment they have never felt a mattress like this with great support combined with supreme comfort.

The DIAMOND COLLECTION also utilizes our Steel Ultra Edge Perimeter Support System for even additional edge support.  You will not roll off the edge of these mattresses! This is much stronger and more durable than a foam wrapped or a foam encased mattress.

We did not stop there! Some of the mattresses in the DIAMOND COLLECTION also contain Cool GEL Foam and LATEX and when combined with the UltraCoil unit provides an extraordinary and unique level of comfort.

DIAMOND COLLECTION Mattresses are available now!

  • Black Diamond
  • White Diamond Firm
  • White Diamond Plush
  • WHITE DIAMOND FUSION AVAILABLE NOW!  Two Sided FUSION IS HERE!  Our NO RISK comfort level mattress!  Many people are concerned they will buy a mattress that is too soft or too hard.  Our FUSION two sided mattress takes away this risk.  One side is soft, the other is medium to firm.  Simply choose the side that is most comfortable for you!  Plus our new UltraCoil technology with 1872 pocketed coils in the Fusion!  Most regular mattress have about 400 coils!  You will feel this difference as these pocketed coils stop motion transfer and provide superb support and comfort.  Plus the edge is reinforced so you don't get that roll off feeling!  Now available at your Campbell Dealer, or we can roll and ship to you in a small box. 
  • Our new Diamond Hybrid Mattresses are extremely popular.  Imagine sleeping on a combination of soothing comfort and support of thousands of pocketed coils plus COOL GEL Foam or Latex!  These mattresses are so relaxing and engineered to use on a power foundation or adjustable base.  Plus our pricing is thousands less than the MEGA mattress companies!  Check our our Pristine, Exhiliration and the Preservation Hybrid mattresses.  

Campbell Mattress Company only uses the most durable and high quality materials available today—and all are made in America. Our Foam is CertiPUR-US certified safe from harmful chemicals and low VOC.  We assemble our mattresses using only Greenguard certified materials.

 Each one of our mattresses is handcrafted and fully inspected prior to delivery.  Anyone at Campbell Mattress can stop production if a mattress does not meet our extremely high Campbell Quality standards.  Less than 0.6% of Campbell Mattresses are ever returned due to warranty issues. Buying a Campbell Mattress is one decision you won’t lose sleep over!