NEW! Rolled Mattress Drop Ship and Floor Sales Program from Campbell!

Do you need a reliable drop ship program for your website or store?   Campbell Mattress has the only state-of-the-art mattress compressing and rolling machine in the midwest.  We can compress BOTH Foam and Innerspring mattresses safely and quickly with our new machine. These mattresses are placed in a small box as shown in the photographs below with instructions on unpacking, and contact information directly to our factory for your customers with any questions.  Many dealers are also offering our compressed and rolled mattresses for sale right off their floor as a cash and carry item.  The photo below shows Six Queen Size Innerspring White Diamond Mattresses in a van and gives you an idea how easy it is for a customer to take these home in their own vehicle.  This saves you the expense, risk, and logistics of home deliveries and customers really enjoy this option of cash and carry!!

We can produce, box, and ship these mattresses directly from our factory to your customers for you.  So you don't need to carry large amount of inventory and our mattresses are internet ready for your e commerce site.  We have great all in one special pricing for our drop ship program!  This will allow you to easily compete and offer better pricing than the major internet mattresses available now!

Please contact us at [email protected] or 800-548-7258 and we can provide you all of the details.  This program is available now!