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Dr. Anne Heisserer--"I tell all of my patients that they need a firm mattress.  I sleep on a Campbell Mattress and it took my back pain away!  Campbell Mattress Company has a great selection and I recommend Campbell to all of my patients." 

Read this funny story from Terry who now owns our Campbell Hotel Mattress!

"I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Cape for a week during the Christmas holidays. You should have seen the Front Desk’s jaw drop when I told them they had a REAL problem with their beds. 
I further explained that since their beds were so damn comfortable, we were having trouble getting up in the morning. (Sigh of relief by the front desk). I was so impressed by the comfort that I removed the sheets and saw the Campbell Mattress Tag!"

Terry Sander    Houston, Texas

"P.S. Spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express in Hope, Arkansas on the way home. No problem whatsoever getting out of that bed in the morning!  Checked and of course NOT a Campbell!"

  • Thanks Terry for a great review!  You too can enjoy our exclusive Hotel double sided mattress that is the same one the hotels use.  See your local Campbell dealer. We can also ship our Hotel mattress anywhere in the country!  Call us for details at 800-548-7258.

“For over a year my husband and I have slept on a mattress that caused us an enormous amount of back pain. Yesterday we went into the local Campbell Mattress dealer and found the PERFECT mattress! We woke up this morning with NO back pain at all! The customer service is spectacular. LOVE our new Campbell mattress!!!!”         Jamie Suzanne

  • Received an email today from a wonderful customer!! Thought we would share it because it addresses some concerns for others interested or have questions about buying Memory foam or Gel  Foam beds. The Campbell Mattress Elegance is a Memory Foam and Gel Infused Bed...

“Recently we purchased a Campbell Elegance mattress set from you. I have to tell you that at first, we didn't like it. Going from an innerspring that we had always slept on to the memory foam was quite a transition. However, I am glad we tried it for several nights because it is wonderful. We really get restful sleep and if one of us gets up, it doesn't disturb the other one. We wake up refreshed in the mornings, which I never did on our other national brand mattress even though it was a pillow top. My husband tosses and turns a lot, and on our Campbell mattress, I don't know when he moves. You were great to work with us and we do love our Campbell Mattress.  Thank you.  Shirley Gaines 

Want to let you know that we LOVE our new Campbell Mattress set.  We bought our Campbell Mattress from Stone Haus Furniture (in Farmington, Missouri).  We had friends who own a Sleep Number bed visit us and they slept on our new Campbell Mattress for two nights.  They blamed the mattress being too comfortable for why they couldn't wake up in the mornings and must have said ten times how much they like the Campbell Mattress compared to their Sleep Number bed (which was much more expensive than our Campbell Mattress).  We have been sleeping on our Campbell mattress now--we just love it too.  It is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. We looked at Sears and other "major" dealers, and even their "sale" price was more than the regular price of our Campbell Mattress.  That's what convinced us that saving all of that advertising money like you do enables you to produce a better product and charge less. We have a luxury mattress at an affordable price!" Lorelie L.

  • Thank you Lorelei!  Your note sums up our role at Campbell to provide handmade and high quality bedding at low prices.  We do not spend millions of dollars on advertising like the major brands, and we pass the savings directly to our customers.  We greatly appreciate your note and willingness to tell your friends and neighbors about us.  Stone Haus is a great Campbell dealer and we are fortunate to have them on our team!  Thanks again.

“We have been Campbell Mattress customers for MANY years and are especially proud that they/you are a hometown company and ALL AMERICAN MADE!!”   Edgar and Ann

  • Thanks Edgar and Ann—we greatly appreciate your support of Campbell Mattress Company and especially supporting your friends and neighbors!

Your beds are so incredible!! I've had mine for a few weeks now and I'm so very happy with it. Worth every penny (which was actually not that many) for a good nights rest every night. Thank you, Campbell Mattresses! And thanks for sticking with America to make your products! Feels good knowing it was made here at home.”    Bethany Nicole

It was a joy to choose a Campbell mattress, and the quality was fantastic!!!! and I firmly trust that they will stand behind their name. This is a great American company! Just great people doing great business! I love our mattress!!”    Lisa Hughes

"After two weeks of nonstop comfort, I just had to say my brand new bed from Campbell Mattress is the best mattress I have slept on in years!  I tried other mattresses: Sealy, Serta, and other more expensive bedding but the Relax-O-Pedic mattress I purchased provides ultimate comfort and great value."    Lee Spencer

  • Thank you Lee for your awesome review of your Campbell Mattress. Glad to do business with you!!

“I am so happy with my new Campbell mattress, it's like sleeping on a cloud. Just incredible!! Service at my dealer was great and very friendly and informative. Forgot to add made here in the area  (Missouri) and provide local jobs. Proud of businesses that create jobs for our economy and not China's! A great nights sleep, I suggest you try one."    Cindi Summers

“Slept like a baby last night on my new Campbell Mattress...first time in many years. I’ve fought sleep for about 30 years. A good mattress is vital in my world.”   Brad Gray

I purchased a Campbell king size Gel/Memory foam mattress and cannot believe the difference it has made. With a full time job and three kids and running a small business when it's time for bed that time counts. This was the best decision I've made in a while. I went to the store and the sales person was fantastic. Very helpful and went above and beyond to help us get what we
Buick Tharnish

"Campbell Mattress makes the BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER SLEPT ON!!!!!!. My entire family sleeps on nothing else!!!  Kimber Osborne

"Best night's sleep we've had in years since getting our Campbell Mattress!"   Teresa and Gary Cook

"We wake up every morning and say thank you Jesus because we have a Cambpell mattress and had the best nights sleep you can get!  Thanks Campbell Mattress!"   Debbie Carey

"Campbell Mattress Company builds high quality beds at a great price.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed."  Greg K

"Great beds, great pricing, great customer service, what else could you ask for?!"  Linda Kubala

"I've been buying Campbell mattresses for 25 years!"    Lisa Grey

"The quality of your mattresses is everlasting."    Lance Larkin

"Just bought a Campbell mattress.  I can't wait to sleep on it!"    Glenna Angel

"I bought mine 8 years ago and it is still wonderful!"    Kathy Rouse

"We love our Campbell mattress!"   Kristi Gray