• Regenerest Collection

    Regenerest Collection

    We Include Gel-Form Breeze Foam engineered for superior airflow and comfort, and our Active-Flo Foam is designed for support and maximal airflow to keep the sleeping surface cool by preventing heat buildup and reducing humidity.

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  • Diamond Collection

    Diamond Collection

    Our new and exclusive ultra coil count Diamond Collection Series. Featuring over 3200 coils and a steel (not foam) perimeter support system. Enjoy the luxury of these ultra high coil count mattresses without the luxury prices!

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  • Relax-o-Pedic Collection

    Relax-o-Pedic Collection

    Our most popular line of bedding. Available in 3 comfort levels. Experts tell us our mattresses are overbuilt, and especially the
    Relax O Pedic mattresses! We use the best components and are built to last with the highest quality.

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  • Woods Collection

    Woods Collection

    Great value in a two sided mattress. Handcrafted mattresses that can be refreshed by simply flipping the mattress. Great for hospitality and dormitory use, the Woods Collection is trusted above all as a provider in these environments.

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  • Posture Form Collection

    Posture Form Collection

    Affordable, high tech, body support mattress. Activ8 offset coils offer two support options for all combinations of sleep-size differences. Cool gel support zones deliver motionless sleep for restful- nourishing sleep experience.

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  • Comfort Contour Collection

    Comfort Contour Collection

    These mattresses offer the luxurious support of our Comfort Core with Individually Pocketed Coils in the Innerspring System. This unit virtually eliminates motion disturbance since each coil flexes independently of the other.

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  • Anniversary Collection

    Anniversary Collection

    3 NEW mattresses just introduced In honor of our 81st Anniversary; The HORIZON ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION. High quality, hand crafted mattresses, at affordable prices, using memory foam, cool gel, Verticoil technology and more.

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  • Bedding Accessories

    Bedding Accessories

    • Campbell Adjustable Bed with Wireless Controls
    • Mattress Toppers
    • Memory Foam Mattresses
    • Heavenly Down Alternative Pillows
    • Deluxe, Heavy Duty Bed Frames

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Our goal is to design and create the best high quality bedding for you at an affordable price.

It’s not just a MATTRESS, It is our MISSION.

http://websites.retailcatalog.us/1387/mm/-c.jpg We ONLY use CertiPUR-US SAFE FOAM and we are registerd by CertiPUR-US. www.certipur.us/for-consumers

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madeinamericaAll components used in the manufacturing of Campbell Mattress products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Campbell Mattress Company has provided extraordinary service, quality, and value since 1933.  We serve customers and dealers throughout the Midwest and South including Springfield Missouri, St. Louis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Tulsa Oklahoma, Springfield Illinois, Peoria, Jackson Mississippi, Nashville, and the western Kentucky area.
At Campbell Mattress, we design and manufacture a variety of sleep solutions, including our NEW Rolled UltraCoil Mattresses! Foam and gel based mattresses, Latex mattresses, inner spring and coil wrapped mattresses, hospitaliy, dormitory and RV bedding, pet beds and more!  We don't have the massive advertising overhead of the MEGA Mattress companies, and we don't have to pay shareholders, or buy a new jet for the CEO! So you save money, and get a higher quality mattress when you select a Campbell versus the MEGA Mattress corporation. Call us at 800-548-7258 or email at [email protected] for more information.